As you look all around you, it is clear the season is changing. The weather is getting colder and, before you know it, we will start to see snow falling from the sky. It's all part of the cycle and we know that it is the time of year to start digging out the heavier jackets, the hats, and the mittens. It's also time to start doing your fall and pre-winter maintenance on your vehicle. Those who like to do their own work should visit the parts center at Rentschler Chrysler Jeep Dodge, located at 255 N Walnut Street in Slatington, PA, and check out all the parts promotions that are being offered.

Winter is Coming

Like the Starks are fond of saying in the "Game of Thrones" television show, winter is coming, which means it is time to take care of some maintenance involving your car. With winter travel and the holidays approaching, it is vital to make sure that these things are covered so you can have a safe and successful holiday/winter season. One of the first things you'll need to do is make sure that your brakes are ready and able to get you through the season. Our service center can do a brake inspection to see what condition your braking system is in and do any replacement work that is necessary. Obviously, your brakes are important to making sure your car can stop and they need to be especially sharp during on the snowy and icy winter roads.

Next, you'll want to check your battery's condition. Getting stranded in the cold, below-freezing temperatures of a Pennsylvania winter can be brutal, but it is easy avoided by making sure you get your battery tested. Tires are the other piece of the puzzle. Making sure that your tires have enough tread, are wearing evenly, and are properly balanced and rotated are key to making sure you have enough traction this winter. Fall is a popular time for ordering brakes, batteries, and tires because of the mileage and weather impact on these components. Our parts center does what it can with its coupons and discounts to make things affordable.

We Hope to See You Soon

Rentschler Chrysler Jeep Dodge, in Slatington, PA, knows that time is of the essence. Winter will be here soon so come into the parts center and buy your auto parts before the snow starts flying.

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